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What is GT System?

GT System is a framework and a set of web tools for producing videogame tournaments of any size for players of any age or experience level брокеры ECN. It gives you everything you need to promote and run a videogame tournament at your institution, and it allows all GT system players to see where how they stack up on local, regional and national leaderboards!

What does GT System offer to Players?

GT System includes a tournament blog for each participating institution, complete with player logos, leaderboards, event promotion and pre-registration, career history, and all the statistics they could dream of.

GT System makes it easy for players to be connected to your tournament service and participate in the online community that will grow up around your institution. GT System also provides players with a first-rate tournament experience, including top-notch event scoring and live leaderboards, bonuses and clans, even experience points and levels for frequent players!

Most of all, it allows your players to feel like they're a part of something really big, and see their name on those local, regional, and national leaderboards!

What does GT System offer to my library?

Running a tournament can be a complex endeavor, especially without a scoring system to do the heavy lifting of tabulating scores and assigning matches. GT System offers a best-of-breed web interface that allows you to easily create, promote, build brackets, and score tournaments from the tiny to the gargantuan, all while offering you all the control you need over your event with none of the hassle of spreadsheets or legal pads.

The best part is the possibility of working with other libraries to schedule synchronized tournaments with online finals, pitting each tournament's champions against each other over the net, making for a thrilling conclusion to a thrilling event and uniting your players behind your winner as they head off into battle against the champions of other library systems!

When did GT System launch?

The first GT System Tournament Season ran July-December 2008.

What will GT System Cost?

There's no fee to join GT System, but you may need to buy or borrow some equipment, like TVs, game consoles, controllers, or software, to participate in GT System events. You'll also need to come up with prizes!

Who is behind this?

GT System is a product and service of Ann Arbor District Library. We've had such wonderful success with our gaming programs, we want to make our own tools available to everyone and unite the library gaming world under one big leaderboard (and lots of little ones).

We'll be fleshing out this wiki over the next several months with screenshots, updates, rule sets, schedules, and more, but for now, be sure to let us know if you're interested, and add your questions to the FAQ and we'll endeavor to answer them.

Thanks for your interest, and let's all get in the game... together!