Join our Brawl Playoffs!


GTEVENT Join our Brawl Playoffs!

Event Scheduled for Saturday September 20, 2008, 8:00 am - 9:30 am (CDT)

We're looking for partners for interlibrary brawl playoffs three Saturdays this fall: 9/20, 10/19, and 11/29 starting at about 3 Eastern and running 90 minutes. Log into gtmulti, our beta playoff app to join in! Our rules are all items on, set to low, 3-stock, 5-minute matches with a few stages banned.


For fair play eliminate any of the moving levels and any custom maps. Then just use the random feature to keep things simple. Also final destination is a good final match level. Nice and flat and tests their ability to brawl on an even playing field.

what stages

can't compete but it'd be helpful to know what stages you ban. I'm running tournament and don't play myself so your knowlege is key. thanks!