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The Detroit Public Library - H.Y.P.E. Teen Center

What’s the H.Y.P.E.?

H.Y.P.E. stands for Helping Young People Excel. It is the umbrella for teen focused programs and services at the Detroit Public Library (DPL).

DPL recognizes that teens need their own space to learn, explore, or simply hang out.

Our newest H.Y.P.E. Center, located at the Main Library, combines digital technology with interaction, resulting in innovation and engagement that allows our teens to develop and become hyped for success.

H.Y.P.E.’d for Success

Our vision for teen services is to provide an environment that inspires our teens to strive for and achieve their highest potential!

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Fun?

Check out the H.Y.P.E. at DPL (www.dplhype.org), or visit the new H.Y.P.E. TeenCenter at the Main library. We promise you will be motivated to EXCEL!!!