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General Questions:

When is International Games Day (IGD)?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Does International Games Day fall on the same day every year? Yes, International Games Day is now held on the third Saturday of November, so the 2016 event will take place on Saturday, November 18.

How do I register my library to participate?

1.) Be sure to register with ALA as a participating venue using the IGD form.
2.) Fill out the IMHG form to get the GT System folks rolling on setting up your account.
3.) Sign up for the IMHG email list to be sure that you're receiving up to the minute info on IMHG.
4.) Get ready to select your library's tributes to participate in the regional and final tournaments on Saturday, November 21.

What is Minecraft?

If you have a general question about the game, the answer is here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki

What is Minecraft Hunger Games?

It is a PvP (player versus player) aspect of Minecraft which is available on server-based (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Multiplayer) versions that enable multiple players to interact with each other on a single world.

Does it cost anything to participate in the video game tournaments?

Participating in our video game tournaments is free, although you'll need to provide equipment that can connect to the internet.

When is the deadline to register for the Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament?

Saturday, October 31, 2015.

What time on Saturday, November 21, 2015 are the finals, and how long are you anticipating they'll last?

Australian finals: 21-11-2015 4 PM AEDT (Sydney Time)
European finals: 21-11-2015 16.00 CET (Berlin Time)
US finals are simultaneous
US finals: 11-21-2015 3 PM EST (New York Time)
US finals: 11-21-2015 2 PM CST (Chicago Time)
US finalw: 11-21-2015 1 PM MST (Denver Time)
US finals: 11-21-2015 12 NOON PST (California Time)

11-21-2015 4 PM EST (New York Time)
11-21-2015 1 PM PST (California Time)
21-11-2015 22.00 CET (Berlin Time)
22-11-2015 8 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)

Finals will last approximately one hour.

Are there certain times during the day that participants would have to be online to be in the tournaments?

Yes. See times listed above.

Is it possible to log into the server as a spectator to watch?
You can spectate a match after you're killed, but we don't yet have a way to join a server as a spectator. We will investigate and include that in the final instructions if it's doable.

Is there a specific build/version of Minecraft that needs to be installed on the computers?
You do need to run the latest version to connect to your server, that's 1.8.8 (as of November 2015). Your launcher should give you the opportunity to choose the latest version to run, and will automatically download the latest files. You shouldn't need to reinstall to run the new version.

Does it matter that we use MinecraftEdu?
MinecraftEDU cannot connect to non-edu servers, so you'll need to download the regular version of minecraft to connect, there's no cost for the download. You'll also need a minecraft / mojang account, and those do cost money, they're $25 each here, but each MinecraftEDU seat usually comes with a gift code you can redeem for a regular minecraft account.

Where can I find out more about the video game tournaments?

Eli Neiburger and the Ann Arbor (MI) District Library have agreed to coordinate the tournaments using the GT System tournament software. More information is available on the International Video Game Tournament Details page, and you can contact the AADL folks at gtsystem [at] aadl.org to ask specific questions about the tournaments.

Do we have to participate in the tournaments if we're going to play video games?

No - as with everything about IGD@yl, it's an option rather than a requirement! You can run your own local tournament or just offer open play for any video games you want to play at your location. The tournaments are just a fun way to let kids play against and interact with kids from other libraries. Bragging rights aren't bad, either.


How does the scoreboard work? Points? Deaths? Does it keep track by username?

You can access your scoreboard from your library's gtsystem site, by clicking "GT Control Panel" in the left sidebar. In the Minecraft Server control panel, you will see a "View Results" link. Click this and you'll see an overall scoreboard at the top – this will give you totals for all matches played and will list the player, their overall score, their total number of wins, and their total number of kills. Beneath this, you'll see a match by match breakdown.

I'm not sure what the timing is: do we have our 2-person team play sometime during the week, and then if they do well, they'll play in the tournament? If they don't do well, does that mean they don't have anything to do on IGD itself?

You can run your own event at any time during the week. You can use this event to select your 2 tributes for the national bracket on Saturday, which is open to everybody who has an event or 2 players on Saturday. So, any event during the week leading up to IGN can make use of the infrastructure and scoreboard, and every library can send tributes to the finals on Saturday.

Technical Details:

What sort of gaming stations do we need in order to participate in the tournaments? Are they just on computers?

You will need 1 COMPUTER with a browser for staff communication (a chatroom will be used to communicate competition matchups, results, and updates - and also for live support!) AND 2 COMPUTERS with Minecraft installed and an internet connection (or more if you want more simultaneous players in qualifying matches at your library)

Does ALA provide video game consoles, computers, and equipment?

No, ALA doesn't have the resources to purchase, house, ship, and track equipment. If your library doesn't have any consoles, we encourage you to work with local retailers to donate, rent, or provide equipment for the day. Alternatively, you may be able to work with local teens (especially if you have a teen advisory group) or staff and ask them to bring in their equipment. You can also offer open game play on your library's computers, although that wouldn't be part of the tournaments.

Will you be granting access to the server to specific usernames, or will anyone be able to connect? I.e. do we need to send you the usernames of kids who want to play in advance?

Each participating library will be provided with the Minecraft server for your public computers to connect to, preconfigured and ready to go. No username specific access is configured, so all participants' usernames will work. More info to come for Saturday's tournament.

If we purchase a copy of Minecraft for our library's computer, when we go to buy it we have to have a username for it, and then we are assuming that each of the patrons would play the game for each tournament under that username on that computer. Is that correct as to how the game works?

You can actually download Minecraft from https://minecraft.net/ without buying it; it's the login you pay for. It's a good idea to buy at least one user and set it up as a generic library name so that you can get players on even if they don't have their own Minecraft account. But many kids may have their own Minecraft account already, and you don't need to pay anything for them to be able to use their own accounts at the library; you just need to download Minecraft.

For more information, please see: http://gtsystem.org/IGD2015