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STORY Final Instructions for IMHG 2015!


All you need now is to have selected your two tributes, one boy and one girl if at all possible, to send into battle to represent your district.

You'll need a computer with Minecraft 1.8.8 for each of your tributes, and a minecraft / mojang account for each of them to use.

You'll also need another computer where a responsible adult can join the gtsystem chat at so you can receive updates from Capitol and know what's going on, and what you're supposed to do.

You might also want a computer with a projector to show the map of your server if you're still doing reapings, or to watch the twitch stream of the finals at if desired.

Here's the schedule for regional and international finals.

Australian finals: 21-11-2015 4 PM AEDT (Sydney Time)
European finals: 21-11-2015 16.00 CET (Berlin Time)
US/North American finals are simultaneous
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 3 PM EST (New York Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 2 PM CST (Chicago Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 1 PM MST (Denver Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 12 NOON PST (California Time)

11-21-2015 4 PM EST (New York Time)
11-21-2015 1 PM PST (California Time)
21-11-2015 22.00 CET (Berlin Time)
22-11-2015 8 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)

Let us know in the chat or via email if you are still having questions or trouble! Once the regionals are about to begin, chat is your best bet as we won't be able to check email as frequently. Thanks for your participation and....



STORY Servers Up For Testing!

OK! If you have your gtsystem site and moderator account, your VERY OWN IMHG SERVER is now ready for use!

If you don't yet have your site and moderator account, be sure to fill out the form here. (If you've already filled out the form, you will be receiving an email from us with your site info very soon.)

Once you've got your gtsystem site for your library and a username that's been made a moderator, you're ready to go!

**** First, start up your server! ****

1. Log in with your moderator account to your gtsystem site.
(i.e. search this page if you're not sure of yours: )

2. Go to your GT Control Panel on the left side menu.
(if you don't have the GT Control Panel listed, you're not logged in as a moderator account! Let us know your username and we'll fix it!)

3. At the top of the GT Control Panel page, you'll see your Minecraft server panel. Your server address is listed here along with the status of your server.
(i.e. . If the Minecraft panel doesn't show, let us know and we'll fix it!)

4. Click Start Server then click the button that appears to confirm starting your server.

5. Wait about a minute for your server to be created.
(You can refresh the page to check the status.)

6. Once your server is running, you'll see the IP address. You'll only need the IP address if for some reason you're not able to connect to your server by name.

7. Please stop your server when you're done!
(restarting your server can get the name and the IP out of sync. Don't restart your server as a troubleshooting measure!)

**** Now, launch minecraft and connect to your server! ****

1. Start Minecraft and log in with one of your Mojang / Minecraft accounts. This is not at all related to your GTsystem account.

2. When you reach the Minecraft title screen, choose Multiplayer.

3. Click Direct Connect.

4. Enter your server address, i.e. then click Join Server.
(if the connection times out, try the IP address from your GT Control Panel. If it's still not working, let us know, we'll fix it!)

5. You'll find yourself in the IMHG Arena!

**** Then try a Hunger Games Match! ****

1. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move. Look around with the mouse. Click to use, X to attack, E for Inventory, T to chat, Space to Jump.
(You can see more controls by pressing escape to pause, then choosing options > controls)

2. You'll find yourself in the Arena at the Spawn point near the cornucopia. You won't be able to open any chests until the match starts.
(You need at least 2 players in the arena to start a match!)

3. Once you have at least 2 tributes in the arena, the game countdown will start. Other players can join during this time.

4. During the countdown, your tributes can choose their starting kit by right clicking and choosing a kit from the menu. These items will be added to their inventory when the match begins.

5. Once the match begins, you get 15 seconds of invincibility. This is a good time to raid the chests.

6. Find your opponents and run up to them, then press X to attack!
(weapons are very helpful here. Anything is a weapon though!)


8. After the match ends, everybody will be kicked off the server. It takes the server about 30 seconds to reset, then you can rejoin and start another match.

**** BONUS: See a map of your players in action! ****

If you've got a projector in the room, it can be AWESOME to connect it to a computer showing your server's world map! You'll find it by going to your server in a web browser and adding /map to the end of the url, i.e. . That map updates in real time showing the locations of all the players on your server and even their health level! Great overview of a match!

**** CONCLUSION! ****

Let us know as always if you're having any trouble, and stay tuned for updates on scoring, including details on auto-scoring mode and how to hold a reaping with pen and paper. Thanks for playing and....



STORY Get Ready for IGD 2015!

The eighth annual International Games Day @ your library is Saturday, November 21, 2015! And YES, there will be another International Minecraft Hunger Games (IMHG) Tournament presented by the Ann Arbor District Library! In this tournament, your players can compete against other libraries (of all types) from around the world. The basics are below, but you'll find all the details here:

1.) Be sure to register with ALA as a participating venue using the IGD form.
2.) Fill out the IMHG form to get the GT System folks rolling on setting up your account.
3.) Sign up for the IMHG email list to be sure that you're receiving up to the minute info on IMHG.
4.) Get ready to select your library's tributes to participate in the regional and final tournaments on Saturday, November 21.

The deadline to register for IMHG is October 31, 2015. Each library will register as a "District" and will receive gtsystem site and moderator accounts. Gtsystem includes the controls to start, stop and monitor your IMHG server. The servers will be available for testing starting November 3, and ready for scoring events the week leading up to the tournament beginning Saturday, November 14, 2015.

If you've filled out the IMHG form, you'll receive an email the first week of November with more information about your gtsystem site and moderator accounts.
Questions or concerns? Email the team at for help.


STORY GT System Upgrades Monday Morning

Hello Moderators and Players. National Gaming Day is quickly approaching and we will be pushing out improvements to the site in the coming weeks. Before that can get started, I am going to be updating some of the backend code here at GT System on Monday Morning, October 19. You may see an hour or so of downtime, but the site should come back up exactly as it was before. New features and fixes will follow soon.


GTEVENT Jan. 9th

Event Scheduled for Friday January 9, 2009, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm (CST)
Location: Hartland Library

Brawl for teens 12-19.


GTEVENT Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament

Event Scheduled for Friday December 5, 2008, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm (CST)
Location: Hartland Library

GTEVENT Guitar Hero Tournament

Event Scheduled for Friday December 5, 2008, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm (CST)
Location: Hartland Library

STORY The Saga of the First Ever National Gaming Day

DAWN. November 14th, 2008. Today is the first-ever ALA National Gaming Day @ Your Library and the birthday of gtsystem. As the sun rises over Ann Arbor, Eli sleeps fitfully, repeatedly hitting the iPhone snooze as his dreams fill with colliding friend codes. Eric Klooster, also known as ejk, burns eggs for his kids and as he frets about a particular unsigned integer. In Chicago, Jenny Levine refreshes her feed reader repeatedly watching for details or coverage. In Syracuse, Scott Nicholson stares down a Pictureka board, certain that it contains something you would take to the beach. The day has begun, and before it ends, many things will have happened that have never happened before. This is true of every day to a certain extent, but today, these things are happening at Libraries, and we -- ALA, AADL, and all the gtsystem partners -- have made it happen.

Over 50 different events were scheduled in libraries around the country as part of gtsystem's first full-scale event day. We offered Rock Band and DDR high-score contests, and planned a 32-library National Smash Bros. Brawl Bracket using online play. We collected and traded friend codes on the gtsystem wiki organized a bracket, and set up chat rooms to allow for bracket communication.

As the 3PM start of the event drew near, our own roomful of kids played through their qualifiers, and I was switching between all 4 chat rooms, resolving friend code typos, answering last-minute questions, talking with IT staff at other libraries trying to resolve the dreaded 864** errors that indicate firewall trouble. However, only a few libraries were unable to connect and the bracket was poised with 29 libraries ready to go as the start of the event drew near.

Then it became clear that what we had here was a failure to communicate. Our chat program, which had worked beautifully in our testing over the summer and early fall, was simply not scaling. We had made some simple mistakes in configuring it that could not be fixed in-theatre, and the 5+ minute lag to post a comment to the chat basically dropped a bomb on our loose network of libraries. I hastily set up a Meebo room to attempt to recover, but I forgot something very important: Meebo sucks too. On top of that, I had thrown up the embedded meebo widget on a page on for ease of getting it up quickly, and shortly after sending out an emergency email with the path to the last-ditch meebo chat on an page, went down, completely by coincidence. In addition, my network administrator just happened to be butchering his pigs that day. We lost a lot of good libraries in that quagmire of a chatroom, and the few survivors were scattered and bedraggled. Things were not going our way, and it looked like our grand experiment would end in fiasco and fall far short of the crowning of a champion. I despaired that such a simple problem could have derailed a great idea. I sent another email that basically said, "Oh well, play whoever."

BUT THEN, just as it looked like all hope was lost, evidence of civilization re-establishing itself among the survivors emerged. Like a scruffy Kevin Costner on a donkey, Meebo brought us word that some brackets had successfully escaped to other chatrooms and had continued their round according to the established rules, and had selected which of their number were going to advance, and were wondering who their next opponents would be? Spring into action! We cobbled together what was left of our bracket and sent two champions on to face the champions from the successful and organized NY/NJ bracket, while the western bracket had time to regroup, reform, and settle their own standings.

We arrived at a perfectly respectable 4-library eastern semifinal with CRANBURY and CMCL from New Jersey, and midwest rivals AADL and EVPL squaring off to send two libraries to the finals to play against the triumphant JPL of Idaho and the FPL of Arizona, who had defeated the scrappy MADRID library of Iowa in a last-minute heartbreaking tiebreaker that involved guessing a number.

THUS, the stage was set for the first-ever (albeit compromised) gtsystem National Brawl Championship Match, featuring the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library of Indiana, the Ann Arbor District Library of Michigan, Jerome Public Library of Idaho, and the East Flagstaff Community Library of Arizona. It was an intense set of matches, but when the dust cleared, the combined skill of the EVPL crew had emerged victorious, defeating AADL and becoming the first-ever gtsystem Brawl Champion, while FPL finished third, and JPL took fourth.

Meanwhile, the gtsystem tournament management web service was plugging along beautifully, collecting over 400 scores from libraries all over the country and producing systemwide Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution leaderboards for the National High Score contests. After some careful examination and certification of the data, the band ODIFEROUS defeated their rivals at the Newman Regional Library in Illinois to claim victory in the Rock Band high score contest with a score of 1,298,729. Here in Ann Arbor, where the DDR crowd is fierce, our own KIANA recorded the highest score of the day, racking up 334 perfects on SO DEEP to win the DDR High Score Contest.

What became clear by the end of this tumultuous day is that this idea can work, and boy does it have potential. The addition of the national scope really makes for an exciting event for all involved, and the opportunity is there for this to become something truly big, thrilling library patrons, changing their expectations, and making the library a central place in their lives! Huge Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible; Jenny Levine and ALA, EJK and the rest of my staff here at AADL, and most importantly, all of you, our gtsystem partners, who stuck with the idea through a very challenging day and helped us all to realize just how big this could be.

Please take a minute if you can and add a comment to this post about how the events went at your library. You can use your gtsystem account to log in, or make a new one; that way we can have a lot of stories here in one place. Also watch this new blog ( for updates to gtsystem, including the announcement of our 2009 schedule, including test windows and practice tournaments leading up to an even bigger (and hopefully glitch-free) National Gaming Day ][ on November 14, 2009!

Thanks again to all of you, and let's keep kicking tush together!