Scoring is up! Get ready for Saturday's Tournament!


STORY Scoring is up! Get ready for Saturday's Tournament!


Servers are ready to go and some libraries have already used them to run their own reapings! We are happy to report that auto-scoring is now active! Here's how to use it! Please note that this scoring system is not essential for you to participate in the regional and international events on Saturday. It's a tool to help you manage your own reapings and choose your tributes.

How to use Scoring:
Start your Server from the GT Control Panel. (Don't have one? Let us know and we'll fix it! You can check – if your library isn't listed, send us an email.)
Start Minecraft and log in using your Minecraft / Mojang accounts.
Choose Multiplayer > Add Server
Enter your server's address (the one that ends with and click done. This will add your server to the list so you can easily see the status.
Then have at least 2 tributes connect to your server. Once 2 are connected, the countdown will begin.
IMPORTANT! If you want scoring to be helpful, the kids need to set their nicknames *BEFORE THE MATCH BEGINS* like this: /nick eli-AADL
It would be *SUPER HELPFUL* if your players got in the habit now of setting their nick before they begin the match, and putting your site code at the end of their nick as in the example.
When there is only one survivor, the match will end and the server will reset.
Access your scoreboard from your library's gtsystem site, by clicking "GT Control Panel" in the left sidebar. Towards the bottom of your Minecraft Server control panel, you will see a "View Results" link. Click this, and after you've completed at least one match, you'll see an overall scoreboard at the top – this will give you totals for all matches played and will list the player, their overall score, their total number of wins, and their total number of kills. Beneath this, you'll see a match by match breakdown. After a match has completed, gtsystem will compile scores.
Results will show each match and the total Points, wins and kills (100 for a win, 10 for a kill) for each nickname. If players forget to set their nicknames before they start a match, that data won't be very helpful!
Alternately, you can also use pen and paper. Just have the kids play matches and write down the winner of each match. When your event is nearing it's end, have the top players fight each other for a final.

Tournament Times and What you need to do to participate on Saturday:

All you need to participate in your regional finals are two tributes to represent your district, 1 boy and 1 girl if possible, and a computer logged in to minecraft for each. Again, how you choose your tributes is entirely up to the societal norms of your district!

IMPORTANT: Please join us in the chat at no less than 30 minutes prior to the event start time. This is how instructions about the tournament will be relayed to you, including the server address of the regional and international finals! You'll want a computer nearby that is just for you to use to be in the chatroom so you'll know what's going on.

Australian finals: 21-11-2015 4 PM AEDT (Sydney Time)
European finals: 21-11-2015 16.00 CET (Berlin Time)

US/North American finals are simultaneous
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 3 PM EST (New York Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 2 PM CST (Chicago Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 1 PM MST (Denver Time)
US/North American finals: 11-21-2015 12 NOON PST (California Time)

11-21-2015 4 PM EST (New York Time)
11-21-2015 1 PM PST (California Time)
21-11-2015 22.00 CET (Berlin Time)
22-11-2015 8 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)

During your match, you can also see what's going on using the map of your server at yourserver/map , for example, . The map can be very, very slow to draw terrain, but it will show each player on the server and their health and relative position, so it's a good way to see what's going on. You may need to zoom in.

Any questions? Just email us at .

Thanks for playing and....