Servers Up For Testing!


STORY Servers Up For Testing!

OK! If you have your gtsystem site and moderator account, your VERY OWN IMHG SERVER is now ready for use!

If you don't yet have your site and moderator account, be sure to fill out the form here. (If you've already filled out the form, you will be receiving an email from us with your site info very soon.)

Once you've got your gtsystem site for your library and a username that's been made a moderator, you're ready to go!

**** First, start up your server! ****

1. Log in with your moderator account to your gtsystem site.
(i.e. search this page if you're not sure of yours: )

2. Go to your GT Control Panel on the left side menu.
(if you don't have the GT Control Panel listed, you're not logged in as a moderator account! Let us know your username and we'll fix it!)

3. At the top of the GT Control Panel page, you'll see your Minecraft server panel. Your server address is listed here along with the status of your server.
(i.e. . If the Minecraft panel doesn't show, let us know and we'll fix it!)

4. Click Start Server then click the button that appears to confirm starting your server.

5. Wait about a minute for your server to be created.
(You can refresh the page to check the status.)

6. Once your server is running, you'll see the IP address. You'll only need the IP address if for some reason you're not able to connect to your server by name.

7. Please stop your server when you're done!
(restarting your server can get the name and the IP out of sync. Don't restart your server as a troubleshooting measure!)

**** Now, launch minecraft and connect to your server! ****

1. Start Minecraft and log in with one of your Mojang / Minecraft accounts. This is not at all related to your GTsystem account.

2. When you reach the Minecraft title screen, choose Multiplayer.

3. Click Direct Connect.

4. Enter your server address, i.e. then click Join Server.
(if the connection times out, try the IP address from your GT Control Panel. If it's still not working, let us know, we'll fix it!)

5. You'll find yourself in the IMHG Arena!

**** Then try a Hunger Games Match! ****

1. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move. Look around with the mouse. Click to use, X to attack, E for Inventory, T to chat, Space to Jump.
(You can see more controls by pressing escape to pause, then choosing options > controls)

2. You'll find yourself in the Arena at the Spawn point near the cornucopia. You won't be able to open any chests until the match starts.
(You need at least 2 players in the arena to start a match!)

3. Once you have at least 2 tributes in the arena, the game countdown will start. Other players can join during this time.

4. During the countdown, your tributes can choose their starting kit by right clicking and choosing a kit from the menu. These items will be added to their inventory when the match begins.

5. Once the match begins, you get 15 seconds of invincibility. This is a good time to raid the chests.

6. Find your opponents and run up to them, then press X to attack!
(weapons are very helpful here. Anything is a weapon though!)


8. After the match ends, everybody will be kicked off the server. It takes the server about 30 seconds to reset, then you can rejoin and start another match.

**** BONUS: See a map of your players in action! ****

If you've got a projector in the room, it can be AWESOME to connect it to a computer showing your server's world map! You'll find it by going to your server in a web browser and adding /map to the end of the url, i.e. . That map updates in real time showing the locations of all the players on your server and even their health level! Great overview of a match!

**** CONCLUSION! ****

Let us know as always if you're having any trouble, and stay tuned for updates on scoring, including details on auto-scoring mode and how to hold a reaping with pen and paper. Thanks for playing and....